Saya pakai barang bundle,lu apa mau?

Interior at The Apartment Downtown

Venue:The Apartment Restaurant & Bar,KLCC.
Dine in dinner + updating each other.

Aini Hepburn is wearing TOPSHOP floral top,MNG skinny jeans,VINCCI red hot pumps and DOROTHY PERKINS studded clutch and and LA SENZA sexy red hot lingerie.

Mariam Monroe is wearing ZARA nautical top,TOPSHOP leggings,and MNG handbag and and SCARLET set of black lace lingerie.

Jessica Ahmad is wearing FOREVER 21 plain white sleeveless top,COTTON ON floral bodycon skirts and TOPSHOP gladiator sandal.TRIUMPH cartoon lingerie.

and and

Siti Aminah is wearing ALI BUNDLE floral vintage dress,PASAR KARAT vintage handbag(LOUIS FONTAINE) and frills pumps bought in BANGKOK 2 years back and and Pierre Cardin lingerie. (BRAND NEW KOT).*haha*

Aini Hepburn,Mariam Monroe & Jessica Ahmad:Erkkkkk....Hahahahahaha,Siti Aminah kau pakai baju bundle?????!!!Baju beli kat pasar???!!!!Oh puhhlisssssss.Jum shopping dengan we all,ill show you & introduce you TOPSHOP,MNG,VINCCI,COTTON ON,ZARA,CHARLES & KEITH,FOREVER 21,PDA,GIORDANO,NOSE & etc.

Siti Aminah:*Bingung*

"I truely hate people that pretend they do not buy unbranded clothes, but buys them anyway and malu to mengaku!Thats truely fake!If you hate unbranded clothes and only wears branded stuff,hey get the real CHANEL or GUCCI!Not babies label like MNG or TOPSHOP or GUESS!.............."-JEZMINE ZAIDAN



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